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An amazing friend that always has you laughing. Will stick by you no matter what and doesn't give you any bullshit. When you lose a Rigo you know you've lost it all.
Rigo is my best friend
by adon1018 February 11, 2009
a sexy mexican, sorta gangster, gets along good wit everyone.
Damn foo hes so fuckin cool hes just like rigo
by Oxnerd344931 April 04, 2009
Rigo is a sweet shy guy, very unique and sweet. Has a killer smile that makes your heart melt, he's one of a kind, has great style and a bangin body. If you find Rigo, you don't want to let go of him.
Man that guy is awesome! Yeah it's Rigo
by The Shy Admirer:) November 18, 2013
thuged-out, blood repping dude
a.k.a. The BiGDawG
That dude acting like he was Rigo
by BigWorm January 15, 2004
a 1 minute man; wham-bam-thank you ma'am
I thought he was going to be a stud in bed, but he turned out to be a rigo...
by La Lela June 01, 2007
Phr34k1n9 phsychotic pos!!!
Wtf... Rigo just got pwnd by a duck, then said "fy" 6 times in 1 conversations... WAAOOOWWWWW!
by JetLi April 17, 2003
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