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If something is barsh, barshy or barshed then dependant on context the primary meaning would be that of something which ruined, foul or rotted up large.
Fred: 'Ah Clarke mate! Was given the foullest burg in the joint'
Shab: 'Mate that's barshy!

Little Jimmy: 'Fred ain't given my grinder back in time,'

Crackus McGee: 'What a proper barshman!'

Clartus: 'Monged handing my essay in yesterday'
Nanar: 'That's a bit of a barsh'

'I didn't hear a word Shabba was saying, he was chatting complete barsh!'
by Yayababa January 14, 2015
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Barsh (adj)


Barsh - Beyond Harsh.
Person 1 "That dude just punched that cripple!"

Person 2 "That's Barsh.."
by Dan Wright-Green January 24, 2006

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