My word! the word that describes my entire existence and personality.(though i guess that isn't the best thing to be proud of..)
I introduce this (my favorite) word to the world, because it is the key to arguments, or and as such; combacks. pronounced:(behr), this word(depending on the voice used when said) can mean quite a many things.
1. It's best defenition would (as used) is the perplexity or confusion of an object, phrase, person, action...ect.
2. this word is also a great declaration of war statement, or victory call (preferably used) yelp.
People usually get confused when I tell them barr can be used for a declaration of war. But it's actually quite simple. Just tick off someone you really despise, so that they make one of those 'think-I'm-so-smart' comebacks,and then rip it loose. Just give them what you got, like rar it in their face, make a cruel statement back at them, and then make a finishing-touch departure. Unless they call back at you something evil, because you can't ever let them escape your clutches with some stupid and evil statement while your making your finishinf touch before you get them really show them whoes boss.So kick em' or something. Whatever, your choice after that happens.
But if you don't choose the "rip it out, and let them have it" technique, you could (making it have more of a lasting touch) say it in a low voice while squinting your eyes. You know giving them a horrible look to make em' feel a bit taken aback.
3. And of course, it's always cool to use this precious word when excited. In my own use, i'll guzzle an entire bottle of caffine driven coke, and just bounce off the walls chirping "barr! barr! barr!" It annoys others, but its quite fun if you happen to be the annoyer. hehe
4. Then again, if you are in deep shit trouble with a close friend or adult, then giving them a sweet innicent face, while you say barr in almost like asking a question. After a while, it helps cool them down, or at least (if it doesn't cool them down) it will definently make them think your a freak forever. But that's okay, because later you can prove them your no freak with the ever-persuasive kick in the shin. lol ^_^
Barr!!! May you all enjoy this word that is favored by myself, and some of those in which I live around. Enjoy!
see: me
by Maryanne E. M. July 10, 2004
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adj., a person or an object that is very awkward or unusual in their current state or environment; a state of existence in which a person seems incapable of blending in conspicuously or acting in such a way so as to appear normal; existing in a perpetual state of being "lame"
Joe: "Jonny you're so barr!"
Jonny: "Is it that obvious?"

Joe and Jonny's friend, Andy, walks up...
inaudible noise made by Andy as he approaches "...barr, barr, barr, barr..."

Andy: "Hey guys..."
by JonnySG May 20, 2008
From the critically acclaimed movie 'Team America: World Police' we have yet another word of Engrish origin that has revolutionized the way we speak in this day and age. Barrs is the Engrish pronounciation of the English word balls.
"Oh harro Hans Brix."
"Mr. Kim Jong Ill, I demand to inspect your entire palace."
"Hans, Hans! You're breaking my barrs here Hans Brix, you're breaking my barrs!"
by <-=ryan=-> March 15, 2005
To completely fuck up a scenario.
Man, he really Barr'd that one up.
by Lolgotchatwice February 12, 2014
Barr is a generalization of a variety of drugs manufactured by Barr Pharmaceuticals. This particularly pertains to prescription strength cough syrups containing the narcotics codeine or hydrocodone. This is often misspelled as "barre"
sippin the barr, grippin the grain, i got 17 karats in my piece and chain. -Paul Wall
by jodiyayo December 08, 2010
barr is a word used in conjunction with the recreational or medicinal use of marijuana.
I have heard it mainly in the York area and it was derived from the word battered, which when said fast and lazily becomes the word barr. It has since then evolved to mean many things:

1. To be barr (to be stoned)
2. To buy barr (to buy weed)
3. To get barr (to smoke weed)
4. Can't be barr (can't be bothered)
I'm gonna get really barr tonight, bought some right nice barr earlier. Think i'll be really barr by the end of the night, better get some food in now, won't be barr later.
by Gaydrews February 16, 2005
A word commonly used to excert confusion on a pedestrian or even a fellow driver.
I barr'd fifteen people on my way home, they were like, "did he just say barr?"
by hwtmg October 05, 2009
An exclamation of puzzled surprise.
Someone tells you that Pluto is not a planet. BARR?!
by BARR?! September 19, 2009

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