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A blonde plastic girl that is very popular towards young girls between the ages of 3-6. She has the perfect life and owns a pink house and a convertible. She has many friends. Barbie can be very scarey at times because she does not blink and will stare at you no matter where you are; she also smiles 24/7 even when you break her head off.
Barbie is a waste of money, if you buy her then you'll have to buy her friends, and her house and her sisters and her car and her ken. BARBIE IS A BIG WASTE OF MONEY!
by IwannaBe November 12, 2005
1.A nickname
2.A pimped out lady. Someone super cool or pimped.
also know as a pimpette, vixen and hottie
1.Hey Roxette
2.That girl is a total roxette! I think I'm in Love..
by IwannaBe November 07, 2005
A doughnut company founded in North Carolina that made the ultimate glazed doughnut, once eaten, it tasted SO FUCKING amazing, that you would want to DEVOUR the whole box of doughnuts you bought at Walmart or at the nearest Krispy Kreme. It appeared on the Futurama episode, "The Deep South" with Fry and a mermaid named Umbriel exiting the shop, on Madagascar with Marty talking to a horse where you saw the Krispy Kreme logo, and Shark Tale as "Kelpy Kreme" when Oscar bought it for his fish bitch, Angela.

A hilarious YouTube rapper who changed his name to Froggy Fresh because of copyright with the REAL Krispy Kreme. You know, the doughnut shop. His famous songs were "The Baddest" and "Dunked On". He even appeared and rapped with Daniel Tosh on Tosh.0.
(Guy 1) Yo, my homie! Wanna eat some Krispy Kreme? (Homie) Yeah! Come on.

(Man 1) Do you know Krispy Kreme's song, "Street Rangers?" (Man 2) No. But I know how his name changed to Froggy Fresh. (Man 1) Tell me.
by IWannaBe June 29, 2014
1. Another word for tightcrunk,jassy.
2. Something thats not too hot and not too cold
3. A song by Qwen Stafani
a. dude that belts so cool where did you get it
b. it's cool outside today
c. ...after all that we've been through i know we're cool...
by IwannaBe October 24, 2005
A very beautiful r&b singer. Has a killer booty and body. Merried to rapper jay-z
a.dude check out beyonce knowles's ass
by IwannaBe October 22, 2005
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