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a plastic doll that mysteriously gets a new sister every year or so.
I think she really does it with Ken but they say its her sister so ppl dont think she's a crackwhore that will sit on a cock for beer money.
Man, another sister for barbie?! How the fuck does she have another sister!!!
the stupid mother fucking crack heads at Matell.
by G$$$ May 09, 2003
To fuck a hoe so hard the bed rocks hitting against the wall.
Hugo came home with Yolanda and they rocked the bed so hard they woke his roommate when they made a hole in the wall.
by G$$$ May 09, 2003
a sassy assed slut that can swerve on poles and give you a lap dance.
Me and Foxy met at the club she gave me a pole dance and then we went home where she gave me a lap dance.
by G$$$ May 09, 2003

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