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Two crossed fingers in the pink, two crossed fingers in the stink
You know you are a pimp when a girl lets you give her the barb wire.
by Pimpin Is My Lifestyle March 30, 2005
21 9
When you put the letter x in the beginning and end of your screen name. People do this because sometimes the name they want is taken.
"Aw man. The name UglyMofo has been taken. I wanted that as my new YouTube channel name."

"Well then just barbwire the name. That should fix the problem."
by IDontKnowWhatTheyWantFromMe May 27, 2013
2 0
When you cross your index finger over your middle finger and your pinky over your ring finger then put it in a chicks pussy.
Jeff: "Barbwire!"

Cindy: "What? Oh GOD!"
by Platinum Bullet November 13, 2007
5 4
wire fencing in the hood
Climbin' over barb wire clothes got torn
by blitz jean January 02, 2004
4 5