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Two crossed fingers in the pink, two crossed fingers in the stink
You know you are a pimp when a girl lets you give her the barb wire.
by Pimpin Is My Lifestyle March 30, 2005
When you put the letter x in the beginning and end of your screen name. People do this because sometimes the name they want is taken.
"Aw man. The name UglyMofo has been taken. I wanted that as my new YouTube channel name."

"Well then just barbwire the name. That should fix the problem."
by IDontKnowWhatTheyWantFromMe May 27, 2013
When you cross your index finger over your middle finger and your pinky over your ring finger then put it in a chicks pussy.
Jeff: "Barbwire!"

Cindy: "What? Oh GOD!"
by Platinum Bullet November 13, 2007
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