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Another word for the microsoft game Halo, accept after playing it awhile it becomes gay, so you take away the ha and add gay. also, this term can be used around girls so they dont know wat your talking about, or you can also use it to convince yourself your not obssessed with the game while playing on xbox live
alright dude lets play another game
no dude im sick of gaylo

Hey, after the party wanna play some gaylo at my crib?
gaylo? oooo gaylo yea sure

dude lets play some halo on xbox live
no dude ur obssessed
i mean gaylo
o, ok then
#halo #xbox #microsoft #x-box #halo2
by k-trizzle July 07, 2006
when you have a narb or a regular boner and ur in a public place and u need to stand up, you put ur stiffy between ur stomach and ur waistband, and within a matter of 15-30 seconds,the sitffy goes away
beuler, please come up to class
'shit dude i got a boner, ill waistband'

miguel, please come down here
shit my moms calling and i got a boner
just waistband
o good idea

i love waist-banding
#boner #stiffy #penis #pen15 #narb
by k-trizzle July 23, 2006
When a man proceeds to cross his index finger and his middle finger together adn his pinky and ring finger together, and places is index and middle into a girls vagina and ths index and pinky in the anas. then u move it up and down and left and rigt
dude u know John? he gives a sick barbed wire, his girlfriend told me
#shocker #sex #vagina #girls tits #boobs #clit
by k-trizzle May 01, 2006
A female's set of breasts
dude i was out with this chick last night she had niccccccccccccccccce squeeze toys man
#boobs #tits #breasts #boobies #bobbets
by k-trizzle May 27, 2006
A mother who is way over protective. calls to check up around 8. makes sure hes home by 10:30, if home later than that she grounds the child. calls up childs friends parents if child friend does not want to be friends with her chil.This extreme paranoia is due to insufficient amounts of income. another word for pysco bitch.
Example 1
Nate: (on the phone) but momm! its only like 8:30!
*yells and screams over the phone*
Friend: Nate wats wrong?
Nate: Mom said that i have to be home in 15 minutes and if im not shes gonna call ur parents to see where i am and she also said that ill never be allowed to hang out again with you.
Friend: Dude wtf were 20 minutes away have ur mom pick you up
Nate: dude she said that im ur responsibility because she doesnt feel like paying for gas, i guess ill never see u again after this incident.
Friend: dude ur mom is such a DIANE
Nate: ya
Example 2
mom: Boys its time for lunch come on down
friend: o smells good, what are we having?
mom: we? you mean my boy? here ill tell you what, ill let u eat if u pay for my childs lunch tmow
child: mom can't we jus fee-
mom: NO!
friend: fine
(after lunch)
friend:your moms such a diane.
#annoying #mom #bitch #dick #ass hole #scary #pysco bitch
by k-trizzle May 17, 2006
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