The first black president of the United States of America, and the current president at the time of this writing.

Obama has accomplished absolutely nothing up to this point, has gone back on his campaign promises countless times, is so far left that he causes rifts in congress and yet is still worshiped like a God by mindless democrats. They treat him like he is the greatest president in history and are already counting on his reelection, but go into slander mode when confronted with the facts.

Obama's ability to hoodwink his flock is a cause for concern for those of us with any sort of neurological power. Anyone who disagrees with him or even points out any flaws in his policies is immediately and mindlessly labeled a racist by the Obamabots. This is cause for a good deal of concern among thinking Americans, who now have yet another president who portends the end of Democracy, much like Bush before him.

A completely ineffective and useless president thus far whose only accomplishment is the color of his skin and the hordes of mindless Obamabots at his command.
Hans: Let me tell you something about Barack Obama - you hear about how many earmarks were in the bailout? I hear that more than 400 billion dollars went to special interest groups -

Saffi: Shhh! You can't criticize the government anymore! The Obamabots might hear you!


Saffi: Ach! Hans, run! It's the Obamabots!
by The Middle Road August 10, 2009
A disappointing, inefficient leader elected in a wave of blind anti-incumbent sentiment.
2008: I (Barack Obama) will order the closure of Gitmo on day one.
2010: Gitmo? Never heard of it.

2008: I can deal with Gulf disasters!
2010: Deal with a Gulf disaster? I'm not Superman.

2008: I will cut the deficit.
2010: I increased the deficit four-fold? So what?

2008: If we don't have bipartisan support, we won't pass health care reform.
2010: It doesn't matter if Republicans agree, we'll ram through what we want.

2008: I will publish legislation online for days before signing.
2010: Why would I ask for public input on legislation?

2008: I won't raise taxes on the middle class.
2010: I'll raise taxes on the middle class to lower the deficit I massively increased.
by RO191 June 11, 2010
A very popular Irish jig.
We danced the Barack O'Bama when Ted Kennedy was elected President.
by BigBird1017 March 18, 2008
A dumbass fucktard that has 50% of the country. He is a fucking pussy, so he never takes the blame. Instead, he blames it on the Republicans, and other innocents. His followers always say it's the Republicans faults, but only because they listen to the radio and never actually look at the facts.

>Still in Iraq and Afghanistan
>Still wiretapping/collecting internet data under the guise of “protecting us”
>Still going after whistleblowers
>Thanks to said wiretapping, our international image is still just as shitty
>Still getting involved in Middle East, despite everyone there hating us
>Still raking up the national debt
>Gitmo’s still open
>Both parties are still corrupt and are too interested in staying in power by buying votes to actually bother fixing the country’s problems
>Blames everything on other people because he's a worthless shit
Logical Awesome Person: Go fuck yourself.
by Obama is a Cocksucker November 13, 2013
The first affirmitive action, president elect of the united states. Rather than being elected due to being qualified he was elected because of the color of his skin. THe younger generation wanted a black president and didn't care if he was qualified. Some African AMericans were embarrassed, feeling they have an unqualified black president represnting their entire race, when it is not true and they don't want to be judged by an affirmative action president and his actions.
Barack Obama,
President, affirmative action, non-qualified, black, african american
by blackestguy September 12, 2009
A man who got a nobel peace prize just for being black and saying he is GOING to do stuff. Not a rising star, a rising self-obsessed communist.
Wow, here goes Barack Obama fucking up our nation even more!
by TilaBaby December 06, 2009
Probably the biggest disappointment in American history.
Me in mid-to-late 2008: Oh boy, I hope Barack Obama wins the election! He's going to do so much in the way of gay rights and health care and inflation and abolish all of Bush's terrible policies and he'll be the first black president and oh, the U.S. is going to be a total utopia! I can hardly wait!

Me in 2009: ...well, we still have the PATRIOT Act, gay couples still can't marry in most states, the national debt is rapidly increasing, and he's distracting the nation from everything going wrong with news fluff pieces about his family's dog. Oops. Should have voted third party!
by Tom Phelpserstein October 13, 2009
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