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The Devil.
Run for your lives! Barack Obama is our president!
by An American Patriot May 30, 2009
1282 1451
The official 44th President of the United States!
January 20th, 2009 is the day Barack Obama became the official president of The United States
by OhSnapz January 20, 2009
1355 1164
Pretty cool guy thats running for president.
My Favorite Quote from Barack Obama on the subject on our good friend cannibas-

Barack Obama-I inhaled. That was the point.
by holly the ginger kid. June 08, 2007
3318 3125
Fist of all abcdian, if you knew anything about history, you would know that the word Nazi was short for the German Workers National Socialst Party. So how can you say that he strayed away from this when the name of his party clearly indicates that he did not. Also, if you look at history, Adolf Hitler was not the only skilled orator in history. To be a good president, you need two things, will and skill. If a president does not have this, he will become a flop. i.e. george bush. Actually anything but george bush is better. So before you try to attack someone using history, brush up on it before you use it.
I am sick of all these people bashing Barack Obama, they have not the slightest idea on how to run a country. And if they think they would be a good president, then fuckin go run.
by Citizens United January 19, 2009
1286 1101
One of the BEST presidents this country has ever had. For all you racist assholes who hate him, look at what he has done for the country and what the Republicans has done... Which one has the better chance of getting voted in November 2012
I will vote for Barack Obama in 2012.
by CJBland March 04, 2012
1190 1004
The right man, at the right time.
Vote Barack Obama!!
by Thrio July 25, 2008
1260 1071
A president with character, courage and convictions...a president who represents and cares about 100% of the people.
"President Barack Obama will be elected to his second term in office on November 6, 2012."
by BK in the USA October 31, 2012
2733 2552
The 1st black president. He was elected based on a concept of changing the political nature of the US government. However, since being elected, he has shown no change whatsoever from the way that things have always been. In actuality, his public comments have been strikingly similar to those of George W. Bush.
Is that George Bush or Barack Obama? It's kinda hard to tell...
by shakemonster2000 March 12, 2009
2816 2636