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One of the many horrible things coming out of that corporate, brainwashing company, Disney Channel. Sickens me.

You can trust me, when I say I am WAYYYYY smarter than any crazy girl who obviously could NEVER get a boyfriend, therefore developing some idiotic celebrity crush on someone who you will NEVER meet.

Nick Jonas will never EVER marry you!
He will never KNOW YOUR NAME!
He will never read that fan-mail you spend your time writing!

My advice to any girl who has a crush on Jonas Brothers:
GET A REALITY CHECK!!! Why don't you start wearing a bra, buy some deodorant, and GET A BOYFRIEND!!!
(preferably one you've met, knows your name, and is actually attractive)

And I am a 12 year old girl, reading at a college level, math at a 10th grade level, and I have been going out with my boyfriend (13) for over a year.

And I would get beat up SOOO bad if I even MENTIONED them at school(trust me, it happened to someone else)

And yes, this school does have 15 year olds too.
Girl- OMG!!! Don't you LOVE the Jonas Brothers!?! They are SOOOO cute!!!

Me- Maybe you should have a crush on someone from the same state as you. Or at least one you've talked to.

Girl- Oh, who needs you? I'm gonna listen to my new CD.

by Angelicawalker123 August 04, 2008
Pretty much someone with no life who goes around commenting retarded, no way constructed often racist comments on youtube videos. If someone says "That video was bad becuase.... blah blah.... try to have better lighting next time." Thats not a hater. If a video actually does suck, saying that it's bad doesn't make you a hater at all, but its when your video isn't that bad that these get out of hand. Youtube haters also usually spell like my dog... when she was in her mom's belly.
"dude ur a fuckes ass what the hell is ur prob is she ur girl friend or something u dip shit u must really like her to stay here and post shit about other ppl ur a no life who is a nerd that thinks he can act kool cuzz no one know him or anything u suck herry ones dude u think ur a that but ur absolutley nothing u this u can act like a gangster or something but ur not so stop bieng a ass u jackass and star living in realety cuzz ur a no good piece of tird and i dont care how i spell u dick >:D"

"eww a nigger who thinks she is funny"

"tht wuz retarded. tht wuz a rip off of mi video.=P (Her video was made a month after my video)"

All actual comments I have received from YouTube Haters
by Angelicawalker123 March 09, 2009
New and improved
A couple months ago we got a NAI president.
by Angelicawalker123 April 10, 2009
The act of killing a zygote. But what exactly is a zygote? " A cell that is the result of fertilization." Yes, one cell. Itch your arm: You just lost thousands of cells. How many cells are in an adult body? 100 trillion. Yes, trillion. You kill in war, death penalty, and hunt animals, but you can't kill one cell? By the way, a zygote CAN'T fell pain because it doesn't have any nerves. The earth is already WAY overpopulated: 3,000 starving african children (just children, not adults) die every day because they have no food to eat, and you want more? Why should we ruin a girl's life just because she got pregnant? Killing a fly hurts more that killing zygote, so stop saying that it hurts. If you eat meat, odds are you kill over 50 animals a year, why are zygotes any different? Yes, I'm a virgin, but that doesn't mean I hate any one who isn't.
Amy: (Crying) I have to get an abortion...
Jenny: SATAN!

Danny: But your dad's in the army, the guy who slept with your girlfriend got the death penalty, and your eating a chicken sandwich right now.
Jack: But thats different, because those things can fell it, and zygotes can't.
Danny: WTF???
by angelicawalker123 February 27, 2009
The president of the United Stated of America. No one knows just yet if he will be "A Dream Come True", or "The Antichrist"(both actual quotes from people). But what we do know is that weather you like it or not, he's he for at least the next four years, unless he gets shot, which I highly doubt because: A, He's pretty much the most protected man in the world and B, If we didn't shoot Bush, why the hell would we kill Obama? Yes his middle name is Hussein. And? Yes, I'm a democrat, and I'm for him.
Grampa: How bout that Obamer*? I'll tell you what, that Bamer* sure is somthin'
Me: Umhm Grampa, he sure is.
Grampa: Your votin' for him aren't you?
Me: I may have the SAT scores of a 19 year old, but I'm still 12, Grampa.
Grampa: Then why are you wearin' so much makeup?
Me: I'm not wearing any makeup, Grampa.
Grampa: Jon, get me ma glasses.
Daddy: Okay, Ed.
Grampa: So THAT'S what you look like this year....

*Grampaspeak for Barack Obama
by Angelicawalker123 February 26, 2009

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