Baot-is is a word norwegian kids thought was funny because it's an ice-cream in norway that is said in a dialect. Makes no sense in a sentence. Replaced with any word.
Hello, do you want to see my Baot-is?
au, hai eg skal ha ein baot-is
by Over 10 years old December 26, 2011
A baot-is is a norwegian ice-cream made by the norwegian ice-cream factories Hennig Olsen and Diplom. It is shaped like a boat, and have become a very popular meme on the norwegian humor-website

Must NEVER be confused with the swedish glass-båt!
-Eg skal ha ein baot-is
-Is it a boat?! Is it an ice-cream?! No! It's baot-is!
-You wanna come back to my place and... You know... Eat some baot-is?
by Rashidhamin December 25, 2011
A norwegian slang for the ice-cream "Båt-is" which means "Boat-icecream".

Made famous by
"Wow, that was a delicious baot-is we ate earlier!"
by layz0 December 26, 2011
Meme laget av artige no.
Baot-is blir bare sett på som morsomt av 14 år gamle downs offere.
eg skal ha ein Boat-is hehexD har du sett sjukt kult.

by kknoqew December 26, 2011
A teenword for scandinavian. Used in chat and if someone are bored.
Eg skal ha ein baot-is
by ArtigeMaggen December 25, 2011
Food of awesomeness for the purely awesome. This item will make all bases are belong to you and turn you into Chuck Norris for enough time to shoop da woop.
I ate a baot-is, then i was over 9000.

the Death Star ate a boat-is, before it destroyed Alderaan.
by Egvilhaein December 25, 2011
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