Bowen Homes (1964-2009) was a housing project located in Bankhead, on the westside of Atlanta (Zone 1).

Bowen Homes is situated off Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway (Bankhead Highway).

Several organizations and famous people come from the Bowen Homes project, including D4L (Shawty Lo), Shop Boyz, MDC and YDC.
Shop Boyz - Bowen Homes:
"You can catch me in some apartments,
That sit off Bankhead.
Bowen Homes is where I be..."

Shawty Lo - Dunn Dunn:
"We get it in till 6 in the morning,
Chivers Street, Bowen Homes - me and my homies"

T.I. - Bankhead:
"Ima pull over in Bowen Homes where my cousin will be and they gon'
Hide me in they home while they lookin' for me."

Outkast - Hollywood Divorce:
"A is for Adamsville
B is Bowen Homes
See if I give a fuck if you like me you know I don't"
by Don Trapstar May 25, 2009
A subdivision outside of Atlanta. Known for being where the Shop Boyz rep.
"You aint heard tha word, what?
Bowen homes stick together"
-Shop Boyz
by sherlock Homes June 13, 2007

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