One that uses words and phrases incorrectly and at wrong times. This person makes phrases that are normally funny, and/or a good comeback seem stupid. People that are around this person often get more stupid. This person is very similar to a parrot because he/she just repeats phrases they hear.
Person 1: It's a nice day out.
Person 2: Yeah it is, we should have class outside today.
Person 1: Touchee

Person 1 in this is a Banke

Next Day:
Person 1: Ok, everyone get out the worksheet.
Person 2: Check Mate!

In this case, person 2 is a Banke
by regnig May 10, 2009
Top Definition
a very fit gurrrrrl who looks better in pictures and is reaaly nice and amazingly funny!
I secretly adore Banke
by banterouschick January 10, 2012
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