a contraction of "beefy" and "angry".
the type of unavailable and usually straight man to whom certain gays suffering from poor self esteem and internalized homophobia are intractably drawn.
"the new bouncer is totally bangry. he's a body builder with three ex-wives who's done time for domestic violence... SO perfect for me!"
by vonstrosity October 16, 2009

The feeling of being bored and angry at the same time.
don't bother me dude. I'm fucking Bangry right now.
by Munnydawg April 20, 2011
When you're angry at your hair stylist for giving you bangs that are way too short for your face.
Lisa left the salon in a huff, bangry at her hair stylist for giving her bangs that made her look like Morticia from the Adams Family.
by Nictionary August 06, 2015

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