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When a girl is giving you a blow job and right before the man ejaculates, he pulls it out and starts swinging it in a helicopter motion, releasing onto face. ENJOY!!
My boyfriend surprised me with the best banana milkshake ever, it only took 45 minutes to clean up.
by Mr. Dark matter November 07, 2010
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Milk and up to three bananas - depending on how much you're making, and how thick you want it (thicker is better) - all mixed in a blender until there are no more banana chunks. A teaspoon of vanilla is added, (MUST be done!) and mixed again.

You've just created one of the best drinks ever (next to root beer, of course), and it's good for you.
: You wanna make a banana milkshake?
: Sure! I love them.
by Kenthar April 22, 2004
While performing sexual intercourse, the male inserts a banana inside the female's anus. This is typically done in the ever famous "doggie-style" position. Once the male is prepared to ejaculate, he removes his penis from the vagina and ejaculates around the banana, which is still inserted in the anus. Banana milkshake, ladies and gentlemen.
Last night, Jo-Anne and I were feeling quite sexy and she said she was very hungry as well as very thirsty. I told her I would give her a banana milkshake. She was quite surprised, yet pleased with the outcome.
by famousb13 October 03, 2009
When a guy and a girl titty fuck. The penis is the 'banana' and the breasts are the 'milk'. When the penis rubs in the middle of the breasts, it becomes a 'milk shake'. Hence, Banana Milkshake.
Want a banana milkshake? (wink wink)
by Kristiney May 02, 2009
When one eats a banana and their partner squirts/farts milk out of their anus into the mouth of the one eating the banana.
Guy#1: Man, I was eating a banana and got the raunchy idea to try the banana milkshake so my gf squirted milk into my mouth from her anus! It was the titz!

Guy#2: Man, I'm parched, I sure could go for a banana milkshake now.
by Choads McGoads July 20, 2011

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