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adj. A relaxed state of being resulting from the ingestion of THC. A slangy shorthand for the more customarily used "Stoney Baloney," which was proceeded by the short lived variant "Stonevester Balone."
Do you want to get balone?
So, you look a little balone.

Are we trying to get balone, here?
Wanna cut on the 'vape' and get a lil' balone?
by I mean... July 13, 2009
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While making out with your partner, one of you widely opens your mouth as the other person blows air down your throat. A thrilling experience. Your lungs become full of your partners air and you have now been baloned.
"Sean please balone me"
"Being baloned feels so good"
"I will balone you so hard"
by Haybae97 September 14, 2014
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