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an exclamation, damn
Balls man! I almost had an accident!
by John E. November 12, 2002
80 65
A Slang Verb meaning to live on the edge and do crazy things.

Slang meaning To be very good at basketball
Me and my friends ball hard.
Man he is ballin' on the court.
by UrbanDictionary999 November 12, 2012
32 22
Word to use when something irritating or bad happens instead of using a curse word.
Example 1: Oh balls! I hit my toe!
Example 2: You're pregnant? Balls..
by Darth Vanner October 14, 2008
18 8
An extremely unfortunate event in which the dejected participants' visceral reaction is to say "BALLS!"
Spending $40 on mini-pitchers of rum and coke at a bar right before a fire alarm goes off, and then a security bitch says your drinks will still be there when you come back in, but when you do they have been dumped out. Balls.
by cheball July 18, 2008
16 6
1: An expression of dismay.

2: Discribing something unsavory or unsatisfactory.
1: We missed the bus? Balls!

2: This new video game you bought is balls. I beat it in two days.
by Psy Peterson March 14, 2009
19 10
a suffix used to emphasize certain adjectives
man, that was lame-balls!
by AAzr May 26, 2008
16 7
adj. meaning extremely, or incredibly

used to emphasize extremes in a situation
it is balls cold outside!
that bitch's vag was balls dirty! i told her to put her pants back on and dont sit on my furniture.

I was balls wasted and threw a chair through a 13th floor hotel room window!

those twins look balls alike. i say "you want ice cream cone?" they BOTH say yes.
by Amy Christ March 07, 2008
18 9