Balloon is a word to describe when someone has been out on the sesh all night and escsalades in a moment of sheer joy,jubilation and insanity
Matt Woodward from Gorbishire he just loves ballooning........
by bellend, wammy n ginge September 07, 2006
A trick done using your ball sack.

Great in the dressing room or at a party in front of the guys.
Let your sack skin hang out from your fingers and blow on your thumb...gradually releasing a nut into your palm. Making it as if you're blowing up you sack.

This is a called "the balloon"

by Bahia July 29, 2006
1. An idiot
2. Something that is large, massive or enormous.
1. Why is that twat trying to fuck that road cone?? Cos he's a fuckin balloon thats why.

2. I just scored a nice bag o skulli offa my man. Theres a fuckin balloon amont i'm tellin ya!
by toastface August 07, 2005
A floating object that randomly appears in the sky. And drops on your head. A very useful sex toy.
Oh this balloon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Bilbo Baggins November 16, 2004
(v) The act of pulling one's penis out of a girl's rectum while she is unconscious, thus causing her rectum to be extracted, inside-out, from her body, through her anus. This is a common college party prank.
Dude, let's balloon her. You wack on the back of the head, and I'll pull out.

Alfred Lord Hymenson once said: "'Tis better to have ballooned and laughed than never to have ballooned a gal."
by achroom March 21, 2006
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