Another name for breasts.
The girl was flat-chested before; now she looked like
she had put great big balloons under shirt... that is...
until she took off that shirt! WOW!!
by CDSmith1967 October 14, 2005
A very weird thing that is basically a colored plastic sack of your breath to give your friend on their birthday.
"Here's a balloon for you!"
by Ekker October 14, 2014
Used condoms floating in the 'rhea river that are bloated and swollen from their long exposure to the liquid sewage. Often found floating with whistles.
Balloons become so bloated from their long journey down the 'rhea river that even the smallest ones end up looking bigger than Magnums.
by Sastwatch September 24, 2008
A container for the voice altering substance (helium) that is often used by hippies and colt memmbers such as Sea Scouts, FFA, WWF, and the SCG (Senior Citizens Group).

An object used to shut up small children.
Give that fucking kid a balloon and get him out of my face.

Don\'t forget to grab the balloons we\'re going to Sea Scouts.
by Kellen Olson April 26, 2005
people on social networking sites such as facebook who take part in using words like lmao or lol or making smiley faces out of puntuality such as full stops brackets forward slashes ect ect also people who change thier relationship stauts 4 times a week so all the balloons can make vomitle statements on the subject this is originates from myself in liverpool csayle
βέссί - ЈάηЄ №яяϊ§ ™ ►³♀°゜ﻬ・*.。•●•☼๑¸♠¸.•♣´¯`•°۩*。.あ*.:۞。*゚’゚・

( LMAO, LOL, BBE) letter gripe


(lol) fine the cunt

(brb) be right back apparently NO NO NO

people lads included i shud add r making stupid lil smiley faces outa full stops n shit wats goin on......?(ilmao brb lol omg woop woop (the lot top balloon smiley face maker)

(pml) pissing myself laughing "allegedly" nooooo
βέссί - ЈάηЄ №яяϊ§ ™ ►³♀°゜ﻬ・*.。•●•☼๑¸♠¸.•♣´¯`•°۩*。.あ*.:۞。*゚’゚・†ஐ◄
by csayle84 aka timmy June 30, 2009
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