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To Make A Scene in order to gain attention. Like the balloon boy incident that occurred 10/15/09.
News Journalist: So why did you stay in the closet when everyone was looking for you?

Dad: (Grime Look)

Balloon Boy: Because I did it for the Show.

Dad: What He Means Is....
by J|C October 15, 2009
A person who gains media attention by pretending to be in grave danger, and thus creating an atmosphere of sympathy and attention.
"Actually, I only pretended to be hammered so she would have no other choice but to take me to her house"

"Dude, you're a fucking Balloon boy"
by ihatealbanians October 16, 2009
Someone who appears to be in grave danger and has everyone fearing for their safety, but in the end are revealed to be nothing but a phony and a complete waste of time.
News Anchor 1: "It appears that balloon boy has crashed into a field in Colorado...the rescuers are moving one is inside the balloon!"

News Anchor 2: "We are getting word that balloon boy was never actually inside the balloon, but was actually just hiding in a box inside his garage the whole time."
by TZR October 15, 2009
the son of an attention whore.
Rick: "My dad wants me to hide in the attic!"

Jeff: "Congrats Rick! You are now an official balloon boy"
by Jeff Cancer October 19, 2009
1.a cunt bag 2. an alternitive name to FUCK BOY 3. a five nights at freddy's 2 character 4. a dong inhaling enragement child.
by theninjafoxx May 11, 2015
Falcon Heene, a six year old boy who may or may not have accidentally taken off in his father's helium balloon near Denver, Colorado, USA, on October 15, 2009. His whereabouts are as yet unknown.
Where is Balloon Boy?!?
by stevem1191 October 15, 2009
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