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1. A great place where you can go to play video games. Very popular in the 80's.

2. An awesome band formed by Fred Coury of Cinderella, and Stephen Pearcy of Ratt, in the early 90's.
1. Hey man, I went to the arcade last night and kicked this one guy's ass when I played him at Mortal Kombat!

2. I was listening to "Dancin' With The Angels" by Arcade last night, that is one awesome band!
by TZR September 24, 2005
Someone who appears to be in grave danger and has everyone fearing for their safety, but in the end are revealed to be nothing but a phony and a complete waste of time.
News Anchor 1: "It appears that balloon boy has crashed into a field in Colorado...the rescuers are moving in...no one is inside the balloon!"

News Anchor 2: "We are getting word that balloon boy was never actually inside the balloon, but was actually just hiding in a box inside his garage the whole time."
by TZR October 15, 2009
A sweet Metal band from the 80's and early 90's.
"Wait, wait! I never had a chance to love you. Now I only wanna say I love you one more time..."

White Lion rules!
by TZR November 13, 2005
The act of tipping over a port-o-potty. It can be tipped on either of its four sides. It only requires one person to tip, but for better effects after sploosh delay, it would require 2 people; one to tip it on it's door side (face), and the other to hold open the door while it's going down. After it is down, fireworks can be thrown inside for an added thrill. One must be careful not to step in the waste which is expelled from the port-o-potty after sploosh delay has occured. If the port-o-potty is behind a fence at a construction site, most of the time, those fences can easily be torn down to gain access. One must leave the area immediately after the port-o-potty is down, for it is quite loud, and if one is systematically tipping them in alleys, the cops tend to be called...
Hellraiser 1: Holy shit dude, that one we tipped had the biggest sploosh ever!!!

Hellraiser 2: Oh shit, there was someone in there!! Let's get the fuck outta here!!!
by TZR June 26, 2005
One of the best features of any construction site. They are mainly used as a portable restroom for workers, but after dark they have alot more uses. One can run up to them and tip them over in an activity called port-o-tipping. Fireworks can be lit inside of them, in hopes that it won't catch fire, and they can also be ridden down large grassy hills. They usually smell like shit and are crawling with disease.
Hellraiser 1: Dude, there's a port-o-potty. You know the drill!

Hellraiser 2: I know, tip it, toss in a few Black Cats, and get the fuck outta there!
by TZR June 26, 2005
Sploosh Delay is the silence that occurs for about 2 or 3 seconds after a port-o-potty has been tipped over. After this silence, a fairly loud "splooshing" sound can easily be heard. At this point, whatever was inside the toilet will come flowing out of the openings at the top of the port-o-potty, and also out of the door if it was tipped on its face.
Hellraiser 1: Alright dude it's down! Let's get the fuck out of here!!

Hellraiser 2: I don't hear anything, was it empty?

Hellraiser 1: No man, that's just sploosh delay. Give it another second...there it goes!!

Hellraiser 2: That's fuckin' nasty!! There is fucking brown water pouring out of the top, and it smells like shit!!
by TZR June 26, 2005
The art of stealing street/construction signs. Usually, any street sign is acceptable to take, however, it is an unspoken rule that signs such as "Hospital" or "In Memory Of" be left alone. Most people say it is unacceptable to take "Stop" signs, but if it's in a sparsely trafficed area, it is usually fine. Almost anything else is fair game. Some people hold contests to see who who is able to jack the funniest/rarest signs. This is a popular sport among the Hellraisers.
Hellraiser 1: Dude, I just jacked a Police Parking Only Sign while signing last night!

Hellraiser 2: You got balls man, but mine is funnier, it says, "Speed Humps Zone"! That one's goin' in my dorm for sure.
by TZR May 13, 2006

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