(also spelt 'Balak' or 'Ballaque') A random Tamil guy that some of your friends know from back in their middle school days, but your not really sure who he is, let alone what his name is.
John:hey look! its Ballack!
James:oh his name is not Ballack. he went to my middle school.
John: i don't give a shit, it's Ballack.
by stylishpoints March 01, 2012
Top Definition
The most spiffy, funny, cute, cool, hilarious, awesome, cool-goal scoring, fun, talented, nice and great soccer playa' eva'! OMG he is the best! He plays on Germany and Chelsea. He used to play on FC Bayern. He is the Best! OMG! Go Germany! Ballack refers to the best-everything guy eva! Go soccer!
I totally, completely love Ballack!
by KimiBallack November 11, 2006
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