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balling hard; Being a baller
ball so hard, muhfuckas wanna find me

I ball so hard, get on my level
by RedDeadDorito October 29, 2011
If you ball so hard then you're like, living life on the edge, doing crazy stuff.

Ball so hard motherfuckers wanna find me, but first niggas gotta find me. - Kanye West & Jay Z
Cameron: I slept in for work because I got high lastnight and passed out, man. Ball so hard.

David: Aw man, that sucks! Awesome night though. Aren't you worried about what you're boss is gonna say?

Cameron: Nah, man.
by carnationx May 29, 2012
the act of making someone cry during an emotional activity, and judging the success of that activity by the amount of tears shed.
How are you liking NGA, what do you guys do?
We BallSoHard

Yo man how was your MOMO presentation?
Great man those kids BalledSohard!

how was your dolphin?
not bad, no one balledhard so it was ehhh.
by dragonfyord February 25, 2013
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