to have no hair on your head where its supposed to be. To have lost your hair and look unnatractive because of it.
you are such a baldy, grow some hair mike.
by havehair April 21, 2008
Shaved muff, rootie kazootie, Brazilena. A hairless mons. A waxjob.
Thanks to her baldy, she was the most popular cheerleader in the school.
by Moby Doug April 07, 2009
Mt. Baldy is the highest peak in Southern California. When standing at it's summit, one can see the ocean on a clear day. A science experiment conducted in the 1950's utilized the extraordinary line of sight in order to determine the exact speed of light.
Mt. Baldy Guide: If you look this way, you can see the Pacific Ocean..

Tourist: All I see is a brown mess...
Tourist 2: Smog, gotta love it
by shiverAt50F January 16, 2005
noun: person with no hair; excessive foreskin
"That fool reminds me of that dimwit Baldy."
by Sir Gropes A Lot September 13, 2006
Northern Irish term to describe confusion, not knowing.
Paddy: Where da fucks the TV remote
John: Ah fuck i havent a baldy mate

Translates to English as
:Could you please tell me where i may find the TV remote control
:Oh my gosh, i am sorry but i do not know
by funkedoff March 06, 2009
A person who has a very large penis. Based on a real life person from Mid Coast Maine who was said to be incredibly well endowed. Baldy used to urinate in a urinal while facing the other direction with his penis slung between his legs and held behind him.
If I was Baldy it would be dragging in the dirt right now. I bet all the women like him because he's a Baldy... the lucky bastard.
by woolbull August 01, 2011
A hot ass girl, the opposite of raptor.
Damn! Look at that baldy over there!
by MMMiiiDDD February 27, 2005
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