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Bakon is the Definition you give to someone is fat, dosent shower and has curly hair with a chubby face... AKA they look like a pig.
1. Dude your brother looks like Bakon..
2. ROFL yeah awesome nick name
3.what you guys talking about
1 & 2. stfu bakon
by The1NdNly April 20, 2009
verb approve, to like something or someone
"I totally bakon that song.”

“I didn’t bakon that latest movie.”
by Olexity May 05, 2010
a party animal, someone that's always down to get fucked up, someone that does alot of drugs at once. (ex. cocaine, marijuana, ecstacy, nitrous, beer, liquor, salvia, mushrooms, promethazine) someone that is the shit.
damn, this weekend is felt like bakon.
fuck, bakon was bakoned the fuck out this weekend!
by the gouch October 21, 2009