Adj. word used to decribe something or someone that is very cool or awesome.
Jack: Dude, there's Stan!

Bill: Stan is so baked!
by Irish48 December 21, 2009
retarted, stupid, lame, innocent, retarted, silly, innocent
Lets say I didn't add up a math problem right..
so then maybe someone would say
"Wow your 'baked'!"
OR Example #2
Someone: Wow the sky is blue.
Me: Wow are you baked?
by zabbb! March 31, 2008
To Feel Stupid Or Dumb
2+2 isn't 5 it's 4 So You're Baked.
by D33zNutz1nHD March 23, 2008
To lose badly. Syn: beaten, abused, burnt, destroyed, crushed, demolished
The Oklahoma Sooners got "baked" in the title game against vs. USC 55-19
by R.Ruckus January 09, 2005

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