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Face. Northern Irish and Scottish dialect.
State o' yir coupon!
by clarkekentyboy May 09, 2009
Another term for a stiffy.
Ballick naked he was...and he was up a root!

Piers Morgan? That fuckin' root? Fuck I really hate the cunt.
by Clarkekentyboy April 28, 2008
Northern Irish slang for mouth or the whole face.
You've a bake on ye like a question mark!

Bake buckled clean off ye, crazy-face!
by clarkekentyboy April 21, 2009
Pint. Always used in the plural.
Headin' out for a few scoops tonight?
by Clarkekentyboy May 09, 2009
The correct pronunciation of the word. Implies that someone is a bull's stiff penis. Often mispronounced as ballroot outside of Belfast. Both however are acceptable insults.
Piers Morgan is a fucking Bullroot. I'd love to smash his smug fucking face in with a block hammer.
by Clarkekentyboy April 28, 2008
Scrotum in Belfast.
These new trunks are cuttin' the ball beg clean off me.

Daryll is actin' the ball beg.
by clarkekentyboy May 09, 2009
A human face with ecstasy in the bloodstream.
Show us your best buckle bake.
by clarkekentyboy May 09, 2009

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