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When you get into a small closed in area and smoke dope until the whole area is filled with thick smoke. Popular places for this include... Your friend's shitty car, closet, upside down trash can, 8th grade girls bathroom, tent with everything zipped up, and a normal room if you have atleast an 8th bag.
"Hey you guys wanna Bake Out Tim's car tonight?"
by Goatman April 25, 2004
when you're blazed off your titties and something astonishes or confuses you.
McKibbin: Dude I found a chopped stick in the carpet
Locky: Bakeout
by willybob8 November 03, 2009
to smoke the shit outa of a car withall windows closed
hey yo bake out nicks vehicle ha!
by Danny December 01, 2003
Similar to making out, but the next step of passion stronger. Not going all the way.
"With other guys it was just making out; but with him, we definetely
by thegirlDJ November 23, 2008
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