Scientology with less religion, defined by the economic advantage of conning in a customer (or oftenly 'sucker') by teasing them in with a deal or other great benefit but then as they are about to pay the deal are told that the original product is not available but that a substitute is. They then employ the people to then buy a more expensive item. The original product is never revealed to the person, it is an easy economic trick
In bait and switch, a thetan is a sucker and tom cruise is the guy on the billboard with shiny teeth
by the person who shall not be named September 09, 2007
To start flirting and spending more time with a boy or girl just to get to know that person's friends more. Then, going out with one of that person's friends instead of the person him/herself.
I though John was really into me, but he just used me to hook up with my friend Kara. John just pulled the old Bait and Switch on me.
by Aamoldini February 26, 2009
When a designated driver says he will bring every one home from the bar, and then precedes to drink himself into a vomiting stupor. So that it is obvious he is the only one who can't drive.
I told my uncle's to come to the bar with me, and that I would bring them home. I then did 4 car bombs, 2 shots of vodka, 6 beers, and 2 martini's. My uncle's claimed I pulled a bait and switch on them.
by skate balls January 01, 2008
When you are at a dive bar (TG) and nobody is dancing, you get on the juke box and play some ass slappin hooker music...Some skanks feel the vibe and go song...completely different making the dirty girls feel weird.
Juke Box- Buttons by pussy cat dolls Theresa-"Ohhhh here they come!"
Skanks- (Dancing slutty like)
Hanna- "Dibs"
Juke Box- Benny & the Jetts- Elton der
Skanks- (Scamper off the floor all hot mess like)
Theresa, Hanna, Travis- "Ha Ha, silly trix, you just got the bait and switch"
by Carl H. Brutananadilewski October 23, 2008
Be fucking a girl from behind, either anal or vaginal, and then pull out. Have a friend step-in for you and begin to fuck her. Walk outside and stand by the window. Have your friend angle her toward the window so she can see you. Take a picture of her reaction.
Notes: The room needs to be very dark, and it is helpful to put your girl's face in a pillow so she is unaware of the switch. Two cameras can be used as well; one for you and one for your friend.
Your girlfriend cheated on you?! I know how we could get her back. Lets pull the old bait and switch.
by Team Thug Life March 29, 2005
The dirtiest of tricks. This takes place when you're engaging in intercourse with a woman, preferably from behind. You instruct her to let you know when she's about to orgasm. As soon as she tells you that she's going to orgasm, you push her off the bed onto the floor.
You: "Tell me when you're going to cum."
Her: "Ok"...a while later "I'm going to cum"
You: Push her onto the floor. You just pulled the bait and switch...Laughter ensues.
by Chris D. January 23, 2008
during the act of intercourse from the rear, the man fakes an orgasm by spitting on her back, and then letting her have it in the face once she turns around.
i gave that whore the bait and switch when i blew my muck in her grill!
by stueyscott June 23, 2005

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