the prettiest girl you will ever meet, and lucky if you get to meet her. She doesn't think she is as pretty as she really is. She is the type of girl you could oovoo with her every night with for hours till you fall asleep. You will never find another girl like her so don't loose her...I love you bailey<33
I am so happy that i met Bailey on the boardwalk.
by wildwood71211 July 25, 2011
A girl who has HUGE cans! Every boy is in love with her and she has many stalkers. Also has lots of friends but there are some people who hate her for no reason. She's pretty without trying and people want to kill her for her looks, but keep the pieces of her body in their closet in order to make a shrine.
Hey look over there it's Bailey! shes so hawt!
by weareawesome! August 18, 2009
baileys are usually people with medium length dark brown hair,brown eyes long lips. Very lean funny and mean, badass with alot of class, sass and a NICE ass.
she likes to have fun all the time there is never a time when shes upset, likes to dance like crazy! and sing (but doesnt have the best voice). Loves to eat she is obsessed with McDonalds but she is not fat and no one will ever know where her food goes?.
loves to hangout with her friends and just have fun nothing illegal, !:).

she loves boys maybe a little to much, shes all over them with out even noticing but its ok because all the boys thinks shes hot and want her, Bailey can usually get anyone she wants she just has to try.
she goes for the assholes and players because of their looks, but the same things happen everytime she gets fucked over. when she has nice boys that just wish they could get a girl like Bailey.
a Bailey is one of the nicest, funniest girls you will ever meet, but get on her bad side and she will f*ck your ass up.
bailey is very tall lean, big feet, tan, not pale but not black,
shes beautiful.
bailey is beautiful everyone wants to be Baileys friend.
by longlegs10 November 24, 2010
You ever drunk Bailey's from a shoe?
Bailey's. Mmm... creamy.
And this one's as close as you can get to Baileys without your eyes gettin' wet.
Stef:Say, Rachel, fancy some baileys??
Rachel:yeah! why not!. But i only drink it from shoes.
Stef:oh yeah totally, no other why to drink it!
*clunk shoes together and down contents in a celebratory fashion.*
by PlanPony January 17, 2008
1) A popular cigarette company

2) A very skinny, flirtatious girl
1) She was smoking a Bailey

2) Wow--She's definately a bailey...
by Messed Up Marionette September 05, 2006
A particularly pleasant experience that just slips down your throat.Once started its difficult to stop. Particularly nice with crushed ice.
Double baileys with ice please.
by Tracey March 14, 2004
NOT A BITCH. Very sweet girl, loved by everyone. Atheletic, obsessed with baseball and other sports. Nothing like a Bailey. Cant compare her to other girls. She can be a mean person, but thats what you don't get on her bad side. Baileys usually have Blue/green eyes and brown/blonde hair. extremely beautiful girl, and can make anyone smile.She is not like any other, she's amazing. She has friends that are incredible. She's so much fun and likes to take risks
The hottest babe you will ever meet. she will blow your mind! She is amazing! funny smart athletic kind caring smart beautiful.She is the prettiest, fiercest girl ever too. If you lose a Bailey, you're skrewed. Never let her go. Despite all the negative things others say, she really is the only, best girl you could ever have.Due to her deep beauty, Baileys are majorly envied by their peers.
An amazingly pretty girl with great hair and a smile that warms you just by looking at it. Helpful, Sweet and Gullable. Easy to fall in love with. Dont let her go.
B1: Dude, check it out , its Bailey!
B2: Ohhh hell yes! She's so nice, pure, and beautiful. i could go on forever. I wish she was mine!
B1: You. me. and every other guy at this school wish that.
by MessiLover123456789 July 22, 2011

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