A very gorgeous, kind and brave woman. Adorable and child like and yet wise beyond her years. An activist and an old soul. She is about as radically feminist and leftist as they come, and very stubborn about it. Can be overly sensitive and emotional at times but very empathetic and tries to see the good in everyone. Incredible eyes. Always beautiful, but she doesn't believe it and is very self conscious and can't take a compliment. Very smart but again, doesn't believe it and yet everyone has or has had a crush on her at some point. People fall in love instantly, but she's a victim of her own charm and beauty, a heartbreaker and a self-admitted slut so be careful.
"Look, there's Bailey at that protest!"

"Bailey is totally the full package, I heard she has several lovers."

"Bailey is lovely, too bad she doesn't believe it.
by WTME May 10, 2013
Alcoholic beverage, best when consumed from a shoe. Popular at clubs where people wee on each other.
You ever drink Bailey's from a shoe?
by FrankTheTank09 July 10, 2008
a really good alcoholic beverage.... particulary good in coffee. best if used in europe.
URGH! I'm tired...i need a mocha with some baileys, bitch.
by Kim L'Amour July 25, 2006
A girl that has all of the qualities that any guy could ever ask for, consists of a beautiful face, a nice personality, a cute laugh, and gorgeous in general. A Bailey is also the best person to talk to if you are having an issue or just need someone to listen to you. Usually gives a guy Rapid Heartbeat as a sign of a true Bailey and true Baileys are hard to find, very unique.
Ecample 1:

Boy 1: Did you just see that girl? I'm about to go talk to her.

Boy 2: You would never have the balls to go talk to her, shes a Bailey.

Boy 1: Ughhhh I guess you're right.

Example 2:
Billy: Hey doc I need to talk to you..
Psychologist: Whats the issue Billy?
Billy: Theres this girl and I really like her I just dont know how to talk to her.
Psychologist: Just talk to her and see if you have anything in common.
Billy: But shes really pretty and has the best personality ever! When I try to talk to her my heart starts beating fast.
Psychologist: Ahhhhh, sounds like a Bailey.
by BluePiggy November 24, 2011
a nice guy that you immediately want to be friends with. sweet and amazing and funny.
getting off the bus he stops to let me out first
Bailey: Ladies first

me: thanks your so sweet
by arandomninjashhh January 22, 2011
A girl who usually loves to sing. Usually is blonde with blue or green eyes. Would best compatible with a guy named Justin. Most bailey's have swagger and also are down to earth.
girl 1: look at her she looks like a Bailey
girl 2: ya she is pretty. she can sing well too.
Justin: ya that's my girlfriend.
random guy: DANG! your lucky.
by bnelso2492 November 06, 2010
If a girl supper pretty all guys will drop for her nomally a brunett or blond with green or blue eyes who have a hot sexy body who anybody would wants most often have big boobs with nice ass! But if a guy there super hot with abbs normally there blond with blue eyes! They play lots of sports and are really good at baseball and there fav color being blue or green and there face is supper cut and they are really musical with great voices and play guitar and piano and (ect) and there really funny the best kin of friends normally if your friends with bailey your friends for life and they always lighten your day an thy make the best kind of boyfriends they're commited and never lie and stay faithfull the boy bailey is rair so you could be be lucky and meet a boy bailey but there amazing people and are super creatie so go meet a boy Bailey there perfect
by True_perfect September 28, 2013
Bailey is the most amazing girl you will ever meet. She is a beautiful girl that will make you stop in place and open your mouth in awe. She is super cute and creative. She has the best smile in the whole world. She is a girl who would do anything with you. When your with Bailey you will never want to leave her. She is always nice and considerate for other people. And she will always make you smile and have a better day.
Me: I am so glad I'm with Bailey!
Other person: I know you are so lucky!
by Ridan Daniel May 24, 2014

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