a very annoying word to say
jack:bagoo! bagoo!
bob:shut up im gonna kill myself
by alex starr January 26, 2009
The bagoo is the bubble felt between ones buttcheecks right before you fart.
The sensation you get right before you shart is when you most notice the bagoo so a setence would be... Man i got a nasty fart dwellin, but i'm afraid if i pop this bagoo i might have to change my pants.
by Brock Curtis December 15, 2008
n. a high weird sound of noise that one makes out of their mouth
abegoooo, bagoo
by Mary Ann May 23, 2003
When a girl gives a handjob using her snot after she sneezes.
this girl sneezed and gave me a bagoo.
by mr. bagoo November 29, 2007
this is a name that our granddaughter calls her grandfather. instead of grandpa, paw paw etc.
Bagoo, help me put my Barbie jeep on the deck.
by Dedah July 06, 2006
sarah main
by james October 02, 2003

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