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a very annoying word to say
jack:bagoo! bagoo!
bob:shut up im gonna kill myself
by alex starr January 26, 2009
25 9
The bagoo is the bubble felt between ones buttcheecks right before you fart.
The sensation you get right before you shart is when you most notice the bagoo so a setence would be... Man i got a nasty fart dwellin, but i'm afraid if i pop this bagoo i might have to change my pants.
by Brock Curtis December 15, 2008
21 6
n. a high weird sound of noise that one makes out of their mouth
abegoooo, bagoo
by Mary Ann May 23, 2003
18 9
When a girl gives a handjob using her snot after she sneezes.
this girl sneezed and gave me a bagoo.
by mr. bagoo November 29, 2007
8 8
this is a name that our granddaughter calls her grandfather. instead of grandpa, paw paw etc.
Bagoo, help me put my Barbie jeep on the deck.
by Dedah July 06, 2006
3 15
sarah main
by james October 02, 2003
4 31