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Having intercourse sans fuckjacket; i.e. without condom or other prophylactic. Synonymous with Bareback and Raw Dog. Antonymn of Bagged.
"We wanted to knock boots so badly, that it almost went down bagless."

"I've used plastic wrap in a pinch, but I usually just go bagless."
by Smoker_Buddy March 08, 2012
means that i guy has no ball sack and can't reproduce
that guy is totally bagless and can't fuck at all
by Dikebar July 16, 2009
bagless,it explaining about when we not use bag,so you can call it bagless,it just a simple way to say "not use a bag" or go without using bag.
well,today i go to school bagless.
by hookupyeah January 08, 2010