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The type of a girl/chick you can have sex with by putting a bag over her face if she has an awesome body and face is questionable/ or if one has not seen the face.
That chick has a nice body, definitely bagable.
by Sean Da Baadshah January 15, 2009
When a guy has such a fugly face, but a great body that you need to put a bag over his head in order to fork with him.
Mike Reed is Bagable
by Anna February 22, 2005
When a girl is so ugly you have to put a brown paper bag over her head to have a remote chance of having an irrection. Levels girls can be rated by:
1: I'm not gay, but I'd take it up the ass for her
2: I'd put a ring on her finger
3: I'd give up my 4 other bitches
4: Fuckable
5: eh... shes ight
6: After this we don't know each other
7: Bagable
8: Doublebag
9: Bodybag
10: LOOK!!! Its sloth from the goonies!
(any girl that makes more money than you goes up one... LOSER!!!)
Bob- Man, you see that girl with the pink dress on, shes totally bagable.
Joe- No way, it'd take a bodybag for that chick.
Look up Bodybag for further understanding.
by The "Guy" January 24, 2011
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