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The word given to the abundance of booty present on a female. When that ass makes you look twice because it requires two glances to fully take it in, thence shall it become a badanks.
"Hey, that chick had a badanks, brah!"

"Ayo, that was some huge badanks, man"
by Musika920212 July 23, 2012
similar to the word dank meaning of great quality or awesomeness (referring to weed), but pertaining to a more broad expanse of topics such as food, clothes, girls/guys, situations, etc.
Dude just got the most ba dank burrito... You aced your mid-term? Ba-dank!
by rankT May 03, 2009
A very dank female "badonkadonk."

(In this case, "dank" is slang for "very good" and "badonkadonk" is slang for voluptuous buttocks).
Damn! J. Lo's badank be lookin' good, fool!


Oh my gosh! Becky, look at her badank! She must be one of those rap guys' girlfriends or something...
by Da Bootylicious Popsicle June 26, 2009
Ba-dank commonly refers to an event completed in a brief ammount of time. Similar in usage to "right away" or "in no time".
I ate fifty chicken wings like BA-DANK so I'd still have time to get home and wash the fudge out of my pants.
by Jamesbangkok August 08, 2006
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