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back·ti·vi·ty \bak-'ti-vi-tē\ n, pl -ties (2011) 1: The quality or state of being sexually active/experimental with a view from the rear. 2: Vigorous or energetic action from the rear. 3: A similar process actually or potentially involving sexual function from behind. 4: An educational procedure designed to stimulate sexually (specific: Anal, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl, blowing your load on her ass/back).
Timmy: Last night, Tiffy and I got into some crazy new stuff we'd never done before. One was like the piledriver only she was staring right up at my nuts and asshole.

Mikey: Yeah? Sounds awesome. Good thing you made those bunk beds. Now you have so much more room for backtivities.


Tiffy: Timmy and I tried a whole new backtivity last night where all I could see was his sack and butthole bramble patch.

Daisy: Was it any good?

Tiffy: It was definitely better than looking at his ugly schmuck mug.
by tandem double frogman April 07, 2011

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