A veihicle that has a arm-like attachment that can dig below the serface. Usually a Tractor with a Front-end Loader on the front, and a backhoe on the rear.

Can also refer to a tracked machine with a backhoe up front, but is usually referred to as a Excavator
"We need to dig a trench for the pipe, so we are using a backhoe
by Puffie40 November 17, 2004
Top Definition
During sex in the missionary position, when one uses the chick's legs as if they are the levers used to operate a backhoe.
Bob demonstrated how he backhoed that chick last night.
by WStyles January 22, 2006
A hoe you won't take to your bed, so you do her in the shed.
She's not allowed in the house; she's just my back hoe.
by sayrenee May 22, 2010
1) A construction vehicle featuring a digging bucket on the end of a two-part articulated arm.

2) A whore that prefers anal sex to vaginal sex.
1) My uncle works in construction. Today, he's using a backhoe to dig the foundation for a new house.

2): Duncan: Yo man, you get any action last night at the club?

Harry: I didn't get any pussy, but I ran into a backhoe around 11:00 and I gave it to her up the ass for the rest of the night.
by TheLightOfDay September 07, 2010
1. A Hoe from back in the day.

ex: " Did you see John's new Girlfriend?"

" Yeah, that's Shannon she's a backhoe"
Did you see John's new Girlfriend? Yeah, that's Shannon she's a backhoe.
by Tallguy120 May 27, 2014

The Backhoe is the best piece of equipment to use to dig a big hole. Therefore, Backhoe is what you call someone who gets so caught up in a web of their own lies that he is just digging his own grave. Usually this slander is used most effectively by the party being lied to, when he/she catches the 'Backhoe' lying to his/her face.
Chris: "Dude I just lifted 200lbs right over my head at the gym the other day!"

John: "STFU you Backhoe! When have you ever been to a gym?!"

Chris: "It's true!...I have been"

John: "Ya.. Ok, sure thing Backhoe!"
by GCSRT8 September 02, 2011
Term in the outer Boston area usually asscociated with a dead hooker in the trunk of a vehicle.
guy 1: Hey, what happened to Joe's Bar?

guy 2: Went out of business.. the manager was caught with a backhoe in his Lexus.

guy 1: hosnap.
by XX4 March 06, 2007

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