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Getting "Backdrip" occurs after snorting cocaine, when spit and coke is stuck in your throat after a line, usually a few minutes later. It has a pungent hairspray taste and may occur a number of times. However if this does happen don't spit it out becuase you could acheive a larger high if the "Backdrip" is swallowed.
"UHHH, i got the dirtiest backdrip!"
by coke-off-knife May 07, 2008
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happens a few minutes after you snort something (coke, mdma, ketamine, etc) and it drips down from the back of your nose into your throat. tastes like shit.
*sniffs a line*
10 minutes later.. "aww man, BACKDRIP!"
by jamesbleudy October 18, 2010
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