The state, the system, particularly when corrupt or authoritarian. Also the police, as they are the agents of the threat of force that the state derives it's power from.
It symbolized a protest against the oppression from Babylon, which had made its use illegal.
by jamie June 05, 2003
the police
watch out the babylon is coming
by Lisolo September 08, 2009
A person who never stops talking. Never. A person who also is given this as a friendly nick name so that they don't actually catch on that they are talking to much (as if they could catch on). You usually find this sort of talker on the music festival scene.

Derives from: Babble on
When you meet that guy at a party that never stops speaking even when there is no one talking with him, you have just met Babylon.
by ScaredSkirt January 11, 2011
Word used by Jamaicans to discribe the pOlice
Or by others as indication of the corrupt legal system reps
Them babylon mon!
The dogs of Babylon!
by rT March 09, 2005
A state of existing in hell that is present here on earth rather than in the afterlife.
That fool lives in a babylon because he smokes so much crack that his life revolves around an illusion!
by weedpope July 28, 2008
Another name for the Roman Catholic Church. Bible Prophecy indicates that it will form a one-world government and execute ANYONE who doesn't do what they say. It is the Beast, it is the Great Whore and it MUST be opposed.
The Bible says that Babylon sits on seven hills (The seven hills of Rome), wears robes of purple and scarlet. (Two ancient colours of authority, showing that the Vatican is a political and religious authority.) There is also historical evidence that it cannot possibly be of God.
by The Revealer July 07, 2006
Noun:1 The Home of all evil,semi equivalent of the conventional christian hell.2The police or any other form of law enforcement.3 breasts (mainly u.k.)
"Man George Bush him a babylon" or "scatter here come the babylon" finally "man look at dem gels babylons"
by Chris "Pipecock" Hinton June 02, 2003
the USA The USA has made done all the things described in the Prophecy. I believe that is the fate of the USA.
Fallen, Fallen, is Babylon the Great!
by Prix Make Prix July 28, 2004
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