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When a girl has a guy's baby in order to establish or maintain a relationship or, to obtain child support. On rare occassions, they try having a man's baby in order to steal them from another female.
The only reason Mike and Alexis are together is because Alexis Baby-trapped him.
by F-40 February 28, 2004
Term used for an open five-gallon bucket.

Especially one with a volume of water or other liquid in it which would be capable of drowning a small child if it fell into it head-first.

Named so because of the popular warning graphic often on the side of five-gallon pails that depict a small child head-first inside a bucket.
Put the lid on that baby trap, we don't need any more drowned children on this work-site.
by joel levi February 05, 2011
When a male attempts to impregnate a woman who he finds very attractive in order to maintain a relationship with her, physically and financially, for eternity.
"I would totally baby trap Jessica Simpson." ~K-Fed
by ASA Casey Hunter, Esquire August 04, 2009