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When a man with an unusually small penis lies and says he's hung in a club or social venue, thus getting laid by numerous chicks who thought he had a 7 inch dick when in reality it was a measly 3.
Matt: Carl got caught baby dicking at a club last night

Nigel: Yeah he screwed 4 hot and highly unsatisfied chicks.

Matt: Yeah but one went back and told everyone about his little pecker and now they laugh and mock him.

Nigel: Amen.
#baby dick #small penis #hot chicks #little package #inferior spunk
by Derwent July 26, 2008
to snap in the general crotch area to make someone flinch
Guy 1: That guy just babydicked me in front of this girl.
Guy 2: Man, he is probably babydicking her too.
#flinch #babydick #snap #badger #i cant think of anymore.
by tweaked2010 November 02, 2010
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