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1. When a woman's rear end is the most distinguishable part of their body, just as the behind of a baboon is their most noticeable quality.

2. It can also be used to refer to a butt that drives a man wild like baboons are.
Have you seen those new pictures of Vida Guerra? Now that woman has a baboon butt.

Jennifer Lopez's baboon butt can drive any man wild.

by BBALLSTAR October 08, 2007
When a man fucks a woman from behind so hard that her butt turns all red.
"Reid fucked me so hard that I had Baboon Butt for a week...it was great."
by Tom Diddler October 18, 2008
A baboon butt is a ghetto booty that is nice and tight, but it's red from getting spanked.
I had enough lip out of her so I gave her a baboon butt.
by Burrito Dan April 29, 2014
When you smack your girlfriends ass during sex making it red. Usually gotten while having sex doggy-style. However, Baboon Butt can be gotten any time a female's ass is slapped making it a bright red color.
Dammit, Harold you smacked my ass too hard! You gave me baboon butt, again!
by biff4tuna June 27, 2011