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'Babelfishing' or 'to Babelfish.'

It's something that people on the web (usually with a big mouth and a fake attitude) do when they want to look smart.

When something is said in a different language, they translate it with Altavista Babelfish and pretend to be smart and come with the translation like... Five minutes later.
Pissed off person: OMG this makes me so angry, I'll just say this in french.. VOTRE MÈRE EST UNE PUTAIN!

<5 minutes later>

Annoying and pretend to be smart person (pretended to be away that five minutes): My mother is no whore! Yours is!

Pissed off person: You STUPID n00b you're just Babelfishing!!
by Martììììììììn March 14, 2007
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