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An only slightly politer version of fuck you.
When the taxi cut in front of him, he yelled at the driver, "Get stuffed!" Vulgar slang; mid-1900s
by cj84 January 28, 2008
The other definitions are all purely American. The British and Aussie chaps use "get stuffed" to mean "Get lost!" or "Go away!"
"You want HOW MUCH, you tawdry tart? Get stuffed!"
by Whoretense January 31, 2010
"Shove it up your ass"
"If you thought you were back in college, you'd be skankier"
"Get stuffed"
by erica220 May 08, 2008
A phrase originating in Britain/Australia, frequently used in BBC comedies. (Some good examples of shows where this phrase is used frequently are Little Britain, Red Dwarf, and The Mighty Boosh.) Depending on the severity with which one utters the phrase it can mean one of four things;
1. Be quiet
2. Go Away
3. Go fuck yourself
4. All of the above

An excellent substitute for the phrase 'go fuck yourself' if you are in the company of small impressionable children, the elderly, or any other wanker who is offended by swearing.
Howard: Hi, I'm Howard Moon, and this is my apprentice Vince Noir.
Vince: Apprentice?? Get stuffed, you're MY apprentice.
by MoonageDaydream73 October 29, 2014
a word used by non-solid people who think they're solid
people like Harry Corns and Duncan Robertson
by David Richardson March 01, 2005
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