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Acronym: Bring Your Own Girl
Jimmy: I heard in Latvia there aren't many girls so u best BYOG
Frank: I told u we should have gone to Iceland
by brendan May 28, 2004
bring your own girl
Man: yo I'm having this party, byog

Man: what?

Man: bring your own girl, bro
by Exodus415 December 31, 2013
Acronym: Be Your Own Gender
Sam is a BYOG because he/she does not identify with any traditional gender roles set forth by a society or culture
by BeYourOwnGender September 07, 2011
Stands for Bring Your Own Gel. As when you have to bring your own water-based lubrication gel for a plesant penetration.
Guy1: Remember to BYOG when you visit those poor ladies.
Guy2: Wow. They are really cheap if they can not afford to buy one.
by MrWright January 22, 2010
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