Better Than Sex (BTS)

Something that leaves everyone involved:

1) Physically Spent
2) With a Permanent Smile Permagrin &
3) Completely Satisfied.

The feeling is a best described as wanting to hold your hands above your head for no apparent reason like you are the World Champion. Think Rocky Balboa at the top of the stairs in Rocky.
Dude! That day was BTS! I just can't stop grinning.
by A~Dong A~Mong February 28, 2011
Burn That Shit- referring to pot smoke, as in "lets go get high."
Aye bruh lets dip on this weak ass class and fucking BTS.
by daBaymaN August 03, 2011
Big Truck Syndrome. When an individual (typically of the male variety) drives around in a ginormous truck (typically with a maximum MPG of 6.6) as if he were god of the road. Said driver runs red lights, knowing s/he would only suffer a minor thud (typically with the other car totaled) if an accident were to occur. Seat belt wearing is an anomoly.
Adri: Holy donkey balls! That guy almost caused a major accident.
Tom: Well, seeing how he's driving a Chevy dually 4X4 with 40 inch tires, I'd say he's suffering from an acute case of BTS.
by Joe Dirty Dirterson June 24, 2010
"Big Titty Sister"
a reference to a large lady, usualy black, who has a large rack
dam that BTS is fine!(not realy)
by L3g3ndary August 27, 2009
Black Turd Syndrome. A condition brought about by eating Chinese food.
I had Chinese food last night, BTS today.
by TNWaterboy May 21, 2009
-Been Terrorising Society
-Bangin The Sluts
-Bred To Shred
-Bitches Talk Shit
-Better Than Society
-Bombin The Streets
-Break The System
-Bring That Shit
yeahhh, bts nikkaaaaa.
by BORNTOSIN February 16, 2008
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