"Big Titty Sister"
a reference to a large lady, usualy black, who has a large rack
dam that BTS is fine!(not realy)
by L3g3ndary August 27, 2009
Better Than Sex
These mashed potatoes are BTS!
by adam December 25, 2003
Black Turd Syndrome. A condition brought about by eating Chinese food.
I had Chinese food last night, BTS today.
by TNWaterboy May 21, 2009
-Been Terrorising Society
-Bangin The Sluts
-Bred To Shred
-Bitches Talk Shit
-Better Than Society
-Bombin The Streets
-Break The System
-Bring That Shit
yeahhh, bts nikkaaaaa.
by BORNTOSIN February 16, 2008
Break the Seal - Referring to drinking alcoholic beverages. It's the first urination of the night after drinking multiple alcoholic drinks - usually beer.
"Excuse me, I must BTS", "Where are you going? BTS?"
by Lightfoot Stehley September 22, 2006
Bleding Twat Synrome. Of the same disposition as a bleeding twat. Also used to describe your pinche friend who always has an excuse to get out of something.
How come Will isn't going with us? He's got a case of BTS.
by Jason Kuo Garcia December 03, 2006
Beat To Shit: having been ruined to the point of being in shitty condition, broken, falling apart, etc.
That 1975 Volvo of yours is realy BTS
by Duck February 15, 2004

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