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Behind the scene
Here is some BTS stuff, interviews, etc.
by violet_hour March 24, 2011
Be there soon
by rewere June 09, 2009
Short for Big Titties, when you are somewhere you cant say Titties.
Dude, that chick had some BT's!
by Big Daddy Matty August 08, 2006
Better Than Sex (BTS)

Something that leaves everyone involved:

1) Physically Spent
2) With a Permanent Smile Permagrin &
3) Completely Satisfied.

The feeling is a best described as wanting to hold your hands above your head for no apparent reason like you are the World Champion. Think Rocky Balboa at the top of the stairs in Rocky.
Dude! That day was BTS! I just can't stop grinning.
by A~Dong A~Mong February 28, 2011
Big Tall & Stinky. A male archetype. Not necessarily a bad thing, as some girls have a strong preference for BTS's. Other than size (minimum 200 lbs), there are no strict guidelines for determining BTS status. Rather, the "whole package" must be taken into consideration. BTS's are generally hairier than a typical man (body hair and facial hair). They are generally unkempt and/or sloppy. They are generally heterosexual. They are generally confident in themselves. They can often be seen at a bar with a 3-day stubble and a spill on the front of their shirt. They sometimes have disproportionately skinny legs.
Example 1:

Girl 1: Hey have any of y'all seen Michelle?

Girl 2: Yea I saw her leave with that BTS who bought her a whiskey shot.

Girl 1: That huge guy with the stained shirt and muddy boots? I wonder what his zick smells like.

Example 2:

Guy 1: It's always good to roll with a deep crew that includes a few BTS's.

Guy 2: Oh, zef.
by Novice Beef Curtain July 03, 2014
Boob to stomach ratio. Ideally you want it to be high.
Her tits might be not be that big but her BTS is really good so I'd definitely like to stick it right up her poop shoot.
by Stink Nug June 20, 2013
Beat(ing) the sack; another way of saying masturbating.
I'm gonna go BTS before I hit the sack.
by ZaneZephyr July 27, 2011