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Big Smile no Laugh.

For the moments when you don't want to laugh but something causes you to smile really large.

Commonly lol is miss-used when BSNL is more appropriate.
What your mom just farted? bsnl!
by red pandas are super cute May 14, 2010
BSNL or Butt Sex n' Laxitives, is a common sport played in Texas and other retarted coutires around the world. it first was created when cavemen invented laxitives bakc in the day and thought it would be fun.
wow dad that was some great BSNL
that priest and me had the best BSNL ever!
mommy, why were you and the mailman having BSNL?
by the rectum ripper February 11, 2005
Bsnl or Bologna Salad Not lasagna is commonly mistaken for the term buttsex and laxatives. Even though these terms both derived from the same place, they actually mean different things.
ill have the BSNL for dinner please

i told you a wanted BSNL bitch
"you get your bitch ass back in the kitchen, and make me some BSNL!"
by the cilt commander February 11, 2005
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