(BUZZ-de) Acronym: Bullshit Discussion
1) World of Warcraft: /g Guys, cut the BSD and get down to business

2) Ohmigod, he never shuts up with the BSD!
by annon. y. mous April 17, 2008
Berkeley Standard Distribution.
This is Berkeley Universities Implementation of UNIX. Although BSD is not a registered UNIX BSD includes source code from the original System V in its kernel.

see FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD.
Haha, I laughed as the linux kiddie ran his outdated bind exploits on my OpenBSD
by end_user November 11, 2003
An acronym for, and more polite way to say, Big Stinky Dump.
e.g. "Why does your housemate, Tina, always take a BSD right before I want to use the bathroom to brush my teeth?"

e.g. "I'd really love to have anal sex with you tonight, could you please have a BSD and shower before I come over?"
by JT and TJ October 02, 2006
Bomb Sniffing Dog used in airports.
Wanted more bsd for police force. Your dog is bsd if he sniff's girly dogg butts!!
by itichie_nocanpo August 10, 2006

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