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7 definitions by london

BSD stands for berkeley software distribution (not berkely STANDARD...idioth).

There was actually Unix Version 6, then it split into Version 7 and BSD became seperate. Modern BSD is based off of Original BSD 4.4 (4.4lite).
end_user obviously doesn't really know about BSD. It's too bad too, because BSD rules.
by london December 05, 2004
Stikcking a dick into a hole
by London August 17, 2003
They make good yummy ice-t
by London August 17, 2003
Hands down Ben Rowan is a git.
by London August 29, 2003
when you blow out of the bowl cause ur a dumbass and all the weed goes everywhere.

Goddamitt u spoofed the bowl asscunt
by London August 17, 2003
A very gay thing i use to collect when i was mollesting children
by London August 17, 2003